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Convertible Top Cleaning and Protection


Unlike coupes or sedans, convertibles have special care requirements for the delicate convertible top material, whether it is made of fabric or vinyl, and they should not be cared for like the painted surfaces of your car.


The longevity, performance and looks of your convertible top depends on regular maintenance, which consists of proper cleaning and protection for your specific convertible top type. A simple hand wash or drive through the car wash is not enough and could result in premature deterioration which not only causes your convertible top to look bad but it could cause it to leak or lead to a costly replacement!



Our Convertible Top Cleaning and Protection package for your convertible top is very important when it comes to the maintenance of your car. 




  • Remove dirt and debris from top crevices

  • Clean with a PH-balanced, fabric or vinyl specifc product for convertible tops to remove embeded dirt and residue

  • Completely dry and air purge

  • Coat with a fabric or vinyl specific product for convertible top to create a hydrophobic barrier to protect against the elements 



Recommend Frequency

Every 6 months or as needed 


Service Time

1.5 hours




Excessively dirty tops may require an additional charge.

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