An introduction to surface coatings. Our "Elite Detail" is almost indentical to our "Signature Detail" with the added benefit of advanced paint coatings from C.Quartz. Now your paint's shine and luster can last even longer and holdup to the worst mother nature can throw at it! Not to mention, C.Quartz's advanced cermic technology helps your vehicle stay cleaner in between washes thanks to it's super slick, hydrophobic properties.


Other benefits include an AquaPel application to the windshield to sheet rain off with ease, CQuartz Fabric Protection to allow for easy spill cleanup and prevent staining, and premium leather cleaning and protection with Leatherique products. It's like a force field around your car!





  • Hand Wash

       With premium car wash shampoo and premium, cotton soft wash mitt


  • Hand Dry 

       With premium soft-to-the-touch microfiber towel to prevent scratching 


  • Remove Bugs and Tar 

      From front leading edges and lower rocker panels


  • Wipe  Door, Trunk, & Gas Jambs

      Free from dirt, leaves, and other debris


  • Clean Wheel, Tires, & Wheel Wells 

       Free from brake dust and road grime


  • Dress Tires & Wheel Wells 

      With a more natural sheen dressing (instead of a nasty, greasy looking dressing) that

      also does not sling onto paint and surrounding surfaces


  • Exterior Windows & Mirrors Cleaned

      With streak-free results


  • Clean & Condition Door Seals

      Free from dirt and grease. Also extends life of the seals and helps seals to work properly


  • Polish Chrome Trim & Accents

      To produce a brilliant shine and protection from the elements 


  • Compound & Polish Around Emblems

      To remove oxidation, embedded dirt, and other imperfections


  • Apply AquaPel Windshield Treatment

      To protect the windshield agsinist the element and provide allow for quicker rain transport

      away from the windshield


  • Apply an Entry Level Coating to Wheels

      To protect against the elements and provide an easier wheel cleaning experience


  • Apply an Entry Level Coating to Tires

      Protects the tires and creates a semi-permenant shine that never has to be



5 Step Paint Rejuenation


  • Iron Deconmatination

       Removes iron contamients from paint that can cause premature paint failure and can

       cause the paint coating to fail as well


  • Clay Bar Paint

      To remove surfaces contaminates


  • Compound Paint

      To remove moderate oxidation, swirls, and other paint imperfections. DOES NOT



  • Polish Paint

      To produce a brilliant shine and protection from the elements 


  • Apply Entry Level Coating

      For maximum protection against the elements, chemical etching, and minor abrasions

      resulting from washing activities





  • Dust Interior Parts 

      Including vents, radio and climate controls, cup holders and other cracks and crevices


  • Air Purge & Vacuum 

      To loosen dirt, debris and other objects from hard to reach areas


  • Interior Windows & Mirrors Cleaned

      With streak-free results


  • Shampoo Carpets, Floor Mats, & Upholstery 

      Completely shampoo, machine scrub, and hot water extract to remove dry and oily dirt


  • Clean ALL Interior Plastic, Vinyl, & Rubber 

      Including vents, radio and climate controls, cup holders, door panels, passenger areas,

      cargo area, etc


  • Condition ALL Interior Plastic, Vinyl, & Rubber

      With a natural looking sheen dressing (instead of a nasty, greasy looking dressing) that 

      protects against UV rays and increases longevity


  • Extensive Interior Cleaning

      Includes removal and cleaning various parts of the interior including seats, anchor

      covers, maintenance compartments, cleaning of seat belts and other miscellanous parts


  • ADVANCED Deep Clean & Condition Leather Seats & Upholstery

      Clean leather free of all dirt, debris, & oils. Then condition with specially formulated

      leather conditioner to restore natural oils for soft, supple leather through the use of a high

      end leather products from Leatherique


  • Apply Entry Level Fabric Protection

      To prevent spills from soaking into and staining carpet and upholstery


  • Headliner FULLY Cleaned

      To remove spots and stains



Recommend Frequency

Every 12+ months or as needed  


Service Time

9 to 14 hours



Call for pricing


Mobile Service

Not available as a mobile service




Heavlily soiled vehicles may be an additional charge.