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Engine Detailing

Engine Detailing


A very important process that allows the engine to run cooler, allows service technicians to locate leaks, and makes for slight improvements in fuel efficiency. The perfect service for selling or returning a leased vehicle.




  • Engine bay and hood thoroughly and safely degreased 


  • Pressure washed


  • Air purged and hand dried


  • Apply O2 sensor safe dressing to all plastic, vinyl, & rubber to protect from heat and increase longevity


  • Special care taken to protect sensitive electronics, distributor cap, and fuel injector during entire process


Recommend Frequency

As needed  


Service Time

45 minutes



$30 to $60 depending on complexity of engine bay


Heavily soiled vehicles may be an additional charge. Please remove all personal items from vehicles. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items. If you choose the on-site mobile service, there will be a mobile service charge of $35 for the first 20 miles from zipcode 21046. $1 per mile afterward.

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