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Not quite a full detail, but more than a "Quality Hand Wash", the Express Detail is designed to give your vehicle that just detailed experience, without the long wait. Perfect for new and recently detailed vehicles that haven't quite gotten broken in yet!


After a luxurious hand wash, an application of our Americana Mystic Si02 sealant is applied to help shed water and dirt off, reinforce your ceramic coating if you have one, and produce an excellent shine.

Moving to the interior. After a thorough vac and dust, a wipe down of all plastic and vinyl to remove light dirt and debris. It's not a deep cleaning, but it's not a 5 minute vac out either. Striking a fine balance between quick and thorough.... and in about 2 hours time.

Recommend Frequency

Every 1 to 2 months or as needed  


Service Time

1.5 to 2.5 hours



  • Hand Wash

With premium car wash shampoo and premium, cotton soft wash mitt utilizing the double bucket method

  • Hand Dry 

With premium soft to the touch microfiber towel to prevent scratching

  • Remove Bugs and Tar 

From front leading edges and lower rocker panels

  • Wipe  Door, Trunk, & Gas Jambs

Free from dirt, leaves, and other debris

  • Clean Wheels, Tires, & Wheel Wells 

Free from brake dust and road grime

  • Dress Tires & Wheel Wells 

With a more natural sheen dressing (instead of a greasy looking dressing) that also does not sling onto paint and surrounding surfaces

  • Exterior Windows & Mirrors Cleaned

With streak-free results

  • Apply Americana Mystic Sealant to All Exterior Paint and Glass

To produce a high quality shine and protect paint for up to 4 months



  • Dust Interior Parts 

Including vents, radio and climate controls, cup holders and other cracks and crevices

  • Air Purge & Vacuum 

To loosen dirt, debris and other objects from hard to reach areas

  • Interior Windows & Mirrors Cleaned

 With streak-free results

  • Wipe Interior, Plastic, & Vinyl

 To clean and protect interior plastic 

  • SPOT Clean Carpets & Upholstery

To remove small spots

Starts at $75

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