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When it comes to paint correction Howard County, our staff will make your car look good as new. We're experts in paint correction, with years of experience and training. We know how to make paint look it's best. Out paint correction package will remove swirls, spiderwebbing, scratches, oxidation, marring, water spots and more.

After a hand wash and clay bar, we go panel by panel, using one or several stages of correction. We also use high intensity, multicolor lights throughout this process, while checking our progress from multiple angles to ensure superior results. 

If you are serious about about protecting your paint with a Ceramic Pro coating or Kavaca Paint Protection Film, this package is an absolute must and will go a long way to ensure your paint will look flawless.


Wash, dry, wheels & tires cleaned/dressed, windows/mirrors cleaned

  • Clay Bar Paint

To remove surfaces contaminants

  • Compound & Polish

To remove swirls, scratches, oxidation, water spots, marring, etc

  • Polish Paint

To produce a brilliant shine and protection from the elements 

Professional auto detailer hand holding rotary polisher while polishing paint surface of s
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