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Odor Removal


Odors in your car can occurs for numerous reasons. Perhaps food was left behind on a seats or maybe a pet had an accident. It could even more serious like large amounts of mold has found it way into your vehicle. Whatever the reason, we have the tools and expereince nessary to indentify, treat, and removal odor completely!



Ozone Treament


An ozone air cleaner is very effective when used in the clean up process following fires to get rid of the smoke odors, or in flood restoration to kill mold and mildew. Experts in mold remediation use ozone generators to kill mold in the air either before or after demolition and reconstruction. Ozone generators assist professional auto detailers with the permanent removal of smoke odors, stale pet odors, mildew and odors caused by leaky interiors. 


What is Ozone?


Ozone is a trace constituent of the atmosphere which is naturally produced by the ultraviolet rays from the sun. When it comes in contact with odor-producing particles and bacteria, oxidation occurs. When ozone comes in contact with mold and mildew, pollen, odors, or other airborne bacteria, it combines with pollutants, rendering them inactive by oxidation and leaving behind pure clean oxygen.


Recommend Frequency

As needed 


Service Time

1 to 24 hours depending on severity of odor



$50 for 1 hour 

Great for light odors and to refresh interior air


$75 for 3 hours

Perfect for stubborn odors from spilled food


$150 for 24 hours.

Recommended for smoked in interiors and interiors that have had water damage.

Removal of the odor source is required before ozone can be used. 

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