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Hand Wash


The Hand Wash is an interior and exterior service designed to keep your vehicle looking it's best between maintenance and full service detail visits. With a luxurious hand wash, a light interior wipe down and vacuum, and application of a basic wax, this package will keep your vehicle looking it's best and get you back on the road in about an hour.



  • Hand Wash

      With premium car wash shampoo and premium, cotton soft wash mitt

  • Hand Dry 

      With premium soft-to-the-touch microfiber towel to prevent scratching 

  • Remove Bugs and Tar 

      From front leading edges and lower rocker panels

  • Wipe Door, Trunk, & Gas Jambs

      Free from dirt, leaves, and other debris

  • Clean Wheel, Tires, & Wheel Wells 

      Free from brake dust and road grime

  • Dress Tires & Wheel Wells 

      With a more natural sheen dressing (instead of a nasty, greasy looking dressing) that

      also does not sling onto paint and surrounding surfaces

  • Exterior Windows & Mirrors Cleaned

      With streak-free results

  • Apply Final Touch Detailer

       To boost shine and provide up to 2 weeks of paint protection



  • Dust Interior Parts 

      Including vents, radio and climate controls, cup holders and other cracks and crevices

  • Air Purge & Vacuum 

      To loosen dirt, debris and other objects from hard to reach areas

  • Apply Quik Interior Detailer

      To lightly clean and protect interior plastic

  • Interior Windows & Mirrors Cleaned

       With streak-free results





Recommend Frequency

Every 1 to 2 weeks or as needed  


Service Time

1 to 2 hours



Complete Package Starts at $60

Interior Only Starts at $30

Exterior Only Starts at $40


Heavily soiled vehicles may be an additional charge. Please remove all personal items from vehicles. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items. If you choose the on-site mobile service, there will be a mobile service charge of $35 for the first 20 miles from zipcode 21046. $1 per mile afterward.

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